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Toyama International Conference Center

Toyama International Conference Center


Where in Japan:

Toyama Prefecture is located approximately in the center of Honshu, Japan and is bordered by Niigata and Nagano Prefectures to the east, Gifu Prefecture to the south, and Ishikawa Prefecture to the west. Toyama is a topographically impressive prefecture. Mountains wall in the prefecture on three sides and the deep bay rests nestled in the crook formed by the rolling plains. It is a compact prefecture, reaching out in a radius from its capital, Toyama City, only 50 km in each direction. Additionally, with its central position in Japan Sea region and a history laden with contact with the Asian continent, Korean Peninsula, and other rim countries, Toyama is at the center of activities in the Japan Sea region.

Easy Access:

Toyama Prefecture is located roughly equidistant from the three metropolitan centers of Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. With a network of expressways in place, travel time between Toyama and such cities is greatly reduced.

In addition to domestic flights to Tokyo and Sapporo international service is also provided to major cities in the Sea of Japan region such as Seoul, Vladivostok, Dalian, and Shanghai.

Toyama offers easy access for both domestic and overseas travelers.

Toyama Prefecture
From Tokyo to Toyama (by air)

There are direct flights between Haneda Airport and Toyama Airport, which takes 1h.
(Note:There are no direct flights from Narita Airport to Toyama Airport.)

-From Narita Airport to Haneda Airport
There is an Airport Limousine Bus service from Narita Airport to Haneda airport, which takes approx. 1h 35min. Approx. 1h 10min by car.

From Tokyo to Toyama (by Shinkansen)

The Hokuriku Shinkansen bullet train travels from Tokyo Station to Toyama station in 2h 8min in the shortest.
Please refer to the JR East website for more details.

-From Haneda Airport to Tokyo Station
There is an Airport Limousine Bus service from Haneda Airport to Tokyo station, which takes approx. 35-50 min (depending on traffic).
35min by train.
Approx. 25min by car.

Convention Venue:

Ohtemachi is in the center of Toyama city. The International Conference Center, the Citizen Plaza, the ANA crowne plaza Toyama, and the Castle Park surround the Ohte Mall in Ohtemachi. The Conference Center can be used to hold various meetings and events using both the mall and its surrounding facilities.

The ANA crowne plaza Toyama is connected to the International Conference Center through an underground passage. Several types of banquets, from the buffet-style reception that can accommodate 800 people, to medium and small sized party gatherings for smaller numbers of people are available. The hotel has guestrooms for accommodating 358 people. There are restaurants that serve Japanese dishes, European dishes, and Chinese dishes.

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From Toyama Airport
  • By Bus (approx. 27min)
    Please take a bus bound for Toyama Station and get off at the Sogawa bus stop (reached in about 25 min).
    From there, it takes approx. 2 min on foot to reach the venue.
  • By Taxi (approx. 20min)
    Please refer to the Toyama KitoKito Airport website for the location of the taxi stand and bus terminal.
From JR Toyama Station
  • By Bus (approx. 8min)
    Take a bus from the bus terminal in front of the South Exit of Toyama Station.
    Please get off at the Joshi koen-mae bus stop.
    From there, it takes approx. 3 min on foot to reach the venue.
  • By Centram Streetcar (approx. 7min)
    Take a Centram from the bus stop in front of the South Exit of JR Toyama station.
    Please get off at the Kokusai kaigijo-mae stop, which is directly outside the venue.
  • On foot (approx. 15min)
    Please walk south down Joshi Oodouri street.

International Access to Toyama Airport

From Seoul
airplane about 2 hours 10 minutes

From Dalian
airplane (international) about 2 hours 50 minutes

From Shanghai
airplane (international) about 2 hours 30 minutes

Domestic Access

From Tokyo
Shinkansen about 2 hours 8 minutes
airplane about 1 hour

From Osaka
express about 3 hours 7 minutes
highway (Meishin-Hokuriku) about 4 hours 10 minutes

From Nagoya
express about 2 hours 55 minutes
highway (Tokai-Hokuriku) about 3 hours

From Sapporo
airplane about 1 hour 25 minutes